The numerous and hidden waterfalls of Lesvos are part of its natural beauty. Until today, more than 10 waterfalls have been spotted on the whole island which you have to explore, especially in winter when there is more water.

The waterfall Man’Katsa is located near Mandamados, just before the intersection Pedi-Asporpotamos, and is one of the biggest on the island, about 20m. tall, offering opportunities for outdoor activities such as climbing. Its name means “raging flesh”, and came from the legend of a peasant girl who lived in that area by herself and drove the young men of the region in a Dionysian dance over the water fall.

The waterfall of Pessa is one of the most well-known, between Achladeri and Vasilika, and many hikers visit it. You can reach it after a short dirt road on the right turn to Achladeri towards Agiasos – Polichnitos, just before the intersection. Its water comes from the small lake of Agiasos and flows into the Gulf of Kalloni. According to myth, the lovers Daphnis and Chloe were bathing in the waters of this waterfall.

You can reach the waterfall of Klapados by the road to Kalloni-Petra after a dirt road which drives to the abandoned village of Klapados. Before you reach the village there is a trail leading to the waterfall which is hidden in the forest. The waterfall is 15-16m. tall.

The farm of Krinelos with the two waterfalls is found in the west part of the island, near Eresos. You have to follow the road after the intersection of Eresos-Sigri, towards Eresos. At a distance of 6 km there is a dirt road on the left and at its end you will find a sign. It is 15 m. tall and is very impressive by close, while its water is used to grind the wheat in the watermill of the farm, as well as to supply water especially in winter.

In the northwest part of Lesvos there are many other water formations, such as in the region of Parakoila northwest of the village, in Skoutaros at the spot “Koukougia”, in Mesotopos, in Vatousa, in Antissa, in Filia and in Pelopi