Central Limnos


Atsiki is found in the centre of the island in a big fertile plain. It is a lively village where people is engaged in viticulture, stock-farming and grain culture. It is one of the biggest settlements of the island with tourist accommodations, restaurants, bars and cafés. Taste the local delicacies and traditional sweets from the women’s cooperative and then go northeast at the beach Agiarmola where the chapel of Agios Ermolaos is found. It is the haven of the village with crystal clear waters and golden sand.



The villages Livadochori and Kallithea are found northeast of Atsiki. Walk at the alleys of the picturesque Livadochori with its stone houses. Sit at the square of the village and enjoy a coffee or a drink accompanied by local delicacies. The neighboring village of Kallithea is amphitheatrically built with a wonderful view to the bay of Moudros to Samothrace and Imvros.



The village Karpasi is located south of Atsiki and 1 km from the airport of the island. It is built in central Limnos at the east part of a big plain. In the village you can see some of the big mansions built by Greek immigrants living in Egypt. In that region there is also a beautiful winery open to public.



Climbed on a hill at the road to airport you will find the village of Varos. It is a traditional settlement with pretty stone houses. At the square of the village you will enjoy a coffee or a drink and taste delicious local dishes. In the village there are tourist accommodations which are completely adjusted to the architectural style of the settlement.



Repanidi is one of the oldest villages on the island. Walk in its narrow lanes, admire the manors and visit the church of Agios Georgios, the oldest church on the island. In this region you will meet the only forest area of the island, a small cluster of oak trees. Near the village, at the area where the chapel of Metamorphosis of Sotiras is found, there is a location where the miracle clay called Limnia Gea (earth form Limnos) was extracted in the past and considered to have many medicinal properties. Kotsinas is the haven of the village, where you will find seaside tavernas serving fresh fish. On a nearby hill, you can spot the remains of the fortress of Kotsinas, the temple of Zoodohos Pigi with its holly water, as well as the statue of Maroula the heroic lady who defended her village during Turkish occupation



The beautiful village of Lychna is found southwest of Repanidi. Walk in its alleys, with its manors and the restored wind mill at the one side of the village and sit at the stone-paved square for a coffee or a snack. The village Romano is located southeast of Lychna. At the entrance of the village you will see a stone drinking fountain made before 1849, which is the year of its renovation. Visit the pretty church of the village dedicated to the Birth of Christ and the church of Agios Konstantinos and Agia Eleni with the stone carved templon.