North Lesvos


At the north part of the island climbed on a slope of mount Lepetymnos with a view to the sea and the opposite coasts of Asia Minor you will find Sykamnia, birth pace of the famous writer Stratis Myrivilis. It is a picturesque village with stone houses and stone paved alleys. Its haven is Skala of Sykamnia, a pretty fishing village, at the small harbor of which you can taste delicious fish dishes. The small church of Panagia Gorgona (Virgin the Mermaid) on a rock near the sea is the region’s landmark. 



At the north part of the island you will find the beautiful settlement of Molyvos (or Mithymna). It is a beautiful traditional settlement with its small picturesque harbor and the stone houses climbed around the imposing Byzantine castle. It is a tourist destination with local and foreign visitors arriving there every year to enjoy the region’s beauties, the idyllic landscape and the restfulness which emits. During summer, the castle of Molyvos hosts many cultural events some of which have already become an institution such as the Molyvos International Music Festival and Arion International Guitar Festival. Wander in the picturesque alleys of the settlement, enjoy your dessert and coffee at the coffee shops climbed on the slope over the sea and admire the wonderful sunset. If you love outdoor activities, you have the opportunity to explore the natural beauties of the region through hiking and biking trails or different activities such as horse riding. You can also visit the picturesque settlement of Vafeios on the fringe of Mount Lepetymnos, where you can enjoy the wonderful view and one of the most beautiful sunsets. At a close distance you will find the mountain village of Argenos with the stone paved square and its traditional coffee shops and Lepetymnos found at a distance of 3 km after a beautiful route of lush vegetation. You can also enjoy your swim at the beach of Molyvos or a little bit further to Petra or at the wonderful beach of Eftalou and combine thermal baths with a refreshing swim at the sea.



At a close distance to Molyvos, just 5 minutes by car, you will find the settlement of Petra. Its landmark is the rock of about 40m height prevailing at the centre of the settlement. At its top the church of Panagia Glykofyloussa (Sweet-kissing Mary) is built. If you go up to the 114 steps to reach it, the view from up there will reward you. Do not miss to visit the Vareltzidaina Mansion, one of the few saved mansions of Lesvos of the late 18th early 19th c. In Petra, you will find a variety of tourist accommodation, tavernas and cafes. Its organized beach is ideal for swimming, enjoying your coffee or drink and relaxing next to the sea. If you want to discover the underwater beauties of the region you can dive or just make a boat ride at the nearby islets of Ai Giorgis, Mikro Nisi, Glaronisi and Myrmingi which are ecological observatories. The island’s second port of entry is at Petra, from where itineraries to and from the Turkish coasts take place.



At the broader region of Petra you will find the picturesque villages Lafionas, Skoutaros, Stypsi and Ypsilometopo. For those who like hiking this is a very good way to meet these villages from close, since the surrounding landscape offers beautiful hiking routes. Between two hills you will meet the village of Lafionas, while the mountain villages Stypsi and Ypsilometopo with the traditional stone houses, the stone paved alleys and the picturesque coffee shops remind the visitor villages of the mainland. Skoutaros is the biggest of these villages and spreads over a slope of the mount Skoteino. It has a long tradition in music and its haven is Anaxos one of the most beautiful beaches of the island.