Lesvos coastline extends for 371 km with wonderful beaches, two picturesque gulfs of Kalloni and Gera as well as coastal settlements and villages. A way to meet the beauties of the island, to reach untouched coasts, swim in crystal waters and enjoy the sea breeze is by a sailing boat. However, if you do not own one, you can rent a sailing boat with your friends or family, and with the guidance of an experienced skipper you will have the opportunity to sail with safety in the blue waters of the Aegean.

On the island there are two sailing clubs, the Offshore Sailing Club of Lesvos (OSCL) and Mytilene Sailing Club (MSC) where you can attend sailing courses.

Anchorages for sailing boats are found all over Lesvos. Its harbours offering shelter to sailing boats are those of Mytilini, Plomari, Molyvos and Petra. In the capital of Lesvos an organised marina operates. Marina of Mytilini is located at its northeastern part close to the city centre and port, and receives boats during all year.