Beaches in Limnos

Over 100 sandy beaches with crystal clear waters wait for you on Limnos. Shady or surrendered to the sunlight, windy or calm, it is certain that you will find among them your favorite.





Near the village of Plaka at the northeast part of the island you will find the beach of Agios Stefanos. It is a sandy beach with shallow waters ideal for families. There are umbrellas and sunbeds, but you can also sit under the natural shade of salt cedars

In the same region you can enjoy your swim at the shallow waters of Palaiokastro. You will reach it after a brief dirt road from the settlement of Plaka. There you can find some shade under the municipal umbrellas and at the end of the beach the small picturesque harbor of Plaka is found.



The long beach of Apan Yalos is sandy with deep waters. It is found right next to Alyki, a major wetland at the northeast of the island at a protected area of NATURA 2000 Network. It is a calm beach with no human interventions and you can reach it after a dirt road starting from the village of Kontopouli.



The beach of Keros is protected between two capes, Keros and Kavallari, at a distance of 2 km from the village of Kalliopi. Its length is more than 4 km with thin sand and shallow waters. It’s a favorite destination especially to the fans of kite and wind surfing who have the opportunity to perfect their technique. As for the beginners, they can have courses and get to know the world of sea sports. A part of it is organized with beach bars, sunbeds and umbrellas



The beach Kokkinovrahos or Agia Triada is found near Poliochni and you can reach it through a dirt road from the settlement of Kaminia. It is a sandy beach, ideal for relaxation. There are some municipal gazeboes but you have to bring also water and some snack with you




Makrys Yalos is a sandy beach with bright blue waters ideal for peaceful moments at sea. Before arriving there, you can visit the archaeological site of Poliochni located at a close distance. Then you just have to follow the dirt road to the breach.



At the southeast part of the island near the village of Skandali, you will find the beach Louri. It is a calm, beautiful beach with blue green shallow waters, golden sand and pebble. Remnants of a Paleolithic settlement have been revealed nearby, a fact indicating that it is one of the oldest inhabited spots of the island.






Just outside the village of Skandali you will find one of the most beautiful beaches called Partenomytos. It’s a bit difficult to reach it since you have to drive on a rough dirt road, but it is worth it. It is an untouched golden sandy beach with blue green waters full of seashells ideal for relaxation. You should bring with you water and some snack.




The beach Mikro Fanaraki is at the bay of Moudros and forms a small cove. It is just 50m long but it’s a favorite meeting point especially for young people. There is a canteen, sunbeds and a beach volley field. The two side ends of the beach are rocky and there you can find the well-known Seal Cave. At the other side of the cove you will find the beach Megalo Fanaraki. It is 200m. long and also fully organized. Both beaches are sandy with shallow waters and easily accessible through an asphalt road



The beach of Chavouli is 3km. far from Moudros. It is less frequented than Mikro & Megalo Fanaraki with calm waters, since it is protected from north winds. There you can find a beach kiosk, sunbeds and umbrellas.





At the bay of Moudros, 5 km from Nea Koutali and after some dirt road driving, you will find the small beach of Agia Varvara. It is suitable for those who seek calmness at a small sandy beach with shallow waters and a view to the islet of Alogonisi.



Thanos is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island near the homonymous village and about 6 km far from Myrina. Recently the broader region presents a great touristic development. It is an organized sandy beach surrounded by volcanic rocks. You will enjoy the blue waters either at its organized part or withdrawn at its remoted sides for more isolated swimming spots. It has been awarded with a Blue Flag. 




The beach Stvi is found near the village of Thanos. It is an untouched sandy beach ideal for relaxation. You can go there through a dirt road.



The beach Evgatis is located between the villages Kontias and Thanos. It is a long sandy beach with shallow waters. It is organized to a great extent with sunbeds, umbrellas and beach bar. It has been awarded with a Blue Flag and you can also enjoy sea sports.   





At the peninsula of Fakos on the southwest of Limnos you will find the beach Kokkina. It took its name after the colour of the rocks that surround it (kokkina means red) and it is suitable for those who seek an isolated spot to enjoy the sea. You will arrive at the beach through a dirt road starting from Diapori, while you will also need to walk for a while, but definitely the nature and the crystal clear waters will compensate your effort.



On the south of the island there is a narrow strip of land of 800 m. width called Diapori, connecting the peninsula of Fakos with the rest of Limnos. There you will find the homonymous beach. It is sandy with deep waters, ideal for quiet moments and isolation. It is accessed by asphalt road and at the small harbor nearby there are tavernas where you can enjoy fresh fish and local tidbits.



At a small bay on the south of the island, the beach Paranisia is found. Here the waters are blue green with golden sand. Starting from Kontias, you will need to drive on a dirt road and then continue on foot for a while. It is secluded and you should bring with you water and some snack








The beach of Platy is found near Myrina on the west of Limnos. It is one of the most known and visited sandy beaches on the island. It is organized and has been awarded with a Blue Flag. After your swim you can relax in the shade of an umbrella and enjoy your coffee or drink, as well as a delicious meal at the nearby tavernas





If you stay at the capital of the island, Myrina, the beach Romeikos Yalos is a very good choice, since it is found in the city north of the castle. It is organized, sandy with shallow waters. Cafés and restaurants are very close.





Next to Romeikos Yalos you will find one of the most frequented beaches of the island, Riha Nera. It is a sandy beach with shallow waters. You will find umbrellas and sunbeds. Here apart from swimming, you can do sea sports or just relax at a nearby bar.





Next to the port and south of the Castle of Myrina, Tourkikos Yalos is located. It is a busy beach with sand and shallow waters. There are umbrellas, cafes and tavenas. It is perfect for those who chose to stay in the capital and want to enjoy their swim not far away.





Close to Myrina to the north, the beach Avlonas is found. It is sandy with a beach bar, sunbeds and umbrellas. You can also do sea sports. If you like diving, at the end of the beach you can explore three volcanic islets.



Near the village of Kaspakas you will find the beach Agios Ioannis. It is an organized sandy beach with shallow crystal clear waters and has been awarded with a Blue Flag. You can enjoy your coffee or your meal at the shops near the sea and stare at a wonderful sunset.



Very close to the beach of Agios Ioannis in Kaspakas, the haven of the settlement is found with the small sandy beach called Prassa. It is known by a few people but it is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds. In the same area very close to Kaspakas another beach is found, Karvounolakkas. It is more isolated and you will need to pass through a dirt road. It is sandy, pebbled and rocky with no shade so you have to be prepared.







The beach Axa is near the village Panagia in a small cove at the cape of Plaka. It is accessed through Plaka after a mild dirt road. It is a sandy beach and it presents a great diving interest. Near the beach the chapel of Agios Charalampos is found.



Zematas is a frequented beach of 350m. long. You will reach it after a mild dirt road of about 4 km. starting from the village Panagia at the northeast of the island. It is ideal for families since it is sandy with calm and shallow waters. There is a beach bar with umbrellas and sunbeds but you may also enjoy the natural shade of the salt cedars



The beach Neftinia is also near Panagia and the Sanctuary of Kabeiroi. A dirt road of about 2km will drive you there after the settlement of Agios Alexandros. It is a remote non organized beach with thin sand and rocks at its one end. At a close distance and 6 km. form Kontopouli the beach Saravari is found. It is sandy and every year it gathers a lot of visitors. There is a beach bar, a taverna and umbrellas.



On the north of the island, at the bay of Mpournias there is Kotsinas It is one of the most frequented sandy beaches with shallow waters ideal for families. It is organized with umbrellas, sunbeds and beach bar, while at the close harbour there are tavernas. It is worth mentioning that there you can find the church of Zoodohos Pigi with the underground holly water and the statue of Maroula, a legendary local woman. At the bay of Mpournias you will find the homonymous beach. It is ideal for families and very frequented. There are beach bars and tavernas with delicious plates and fresh fish.



Between the beach of Kotsinas and the beach Pigadeli tis Pnagias you will find Agios Ermolaos. It is a more secluded sandy beach, ideal for those who wish to enjoy their swim with peace. There are umbrellas but you will have to bring with you water and some snacks if you plan to stay there long.



At the region of Faraklo you will find an isolated beach called Pigadeli tis Panagias taking its name from the natural well (pigadi) found at the beach. Starting from the settlement Propouli you will have to pass through a dirt road to reach it and what is impressive is the yellow-reddish colours of the sand and the rocks due to the volcanic landscape. Since it is an isolated beach you will have to be prepared. It is the same case with the beach Tryges which is found a bit further but in the same area. It is a secluded sandy beach with many rocks.



The beach Papia is near the settlements of Katalakko and Dafni and you can reach it through a dirt road. It is small, secluded, non-organized with thin sand and not so frequented.



The beach of Gomati is found about 4km. far from the village Katalakko. You can reach it through a mild dirt road. It is near the island’s sand dunes which you can visit to meet a wonder of nature before your swimming. The beach with thin golden sand and shallow waters is big and there is a beach bar with umbrellas and sunbeds, as well as enough free space for more secluded dives.