Central Lesvos


Kalloni is found at the centre of the island at a fertile plain. It is ideal destination for those who want a steady base during their vacation and at the same time to have a relatively fast access to all of the spots of the island. Its haven Skala of Kalloni is a sandy organized beach in the homonymous gulf with tavernas next to the sea serving the delicious sardine of Kalloni, bars as well as many types of accommodation. The Gulf of Kalloni covers a big area surrounded by many smaller wetlands offering shelter to a great number of rare and protected birds of international interest. For this reason, mainly in spring, many birdwatchers visit the area from all over the world. Very close to Kalloni you will find the settlements Arisvi at the entrance of Kalloni and a little further Kerami and Dafia.



Leaving the coastal road towards the mainland to the north, you will meet three beautiful villages with special colour: Filia with its special architecture and many protected buildings, Anemotia with the picturesque alleys and Skalochori with the stone houses and the wonderful view to the sea. Pick a square and sit to enjoy a coffee, a refreshment or a glass of the local drink ouzo and then go to the sea for a swim at the nearby beaches Tsichranta and Kalo Limani at northwest.



Keeping at the coastal road you will meet the village Parakoila expanding in a fertile meadow with running waters, protected by the nearby hills. The two-arched stone bridge that has been declared as protected monument, the mosque with its minaret and the tower and the remnants of an ancient settlement at the top pf the mountain Issa between Parakoila and Anemotia, are interesting sites of the area. In the west, you will meet Agra, a small picturesque village built at the slope of a small hill. Have a coffee at the square of the village and taste traditional sweets from the women’s cooperation. 



Agia Paraskevi is one of the most beautiful big villages of the island presenting special architectural interest. If you wander in the settlement you will definitely be impressed by the neoclassical buildings, such as the Town Hall and the school. At the entrance of the village make a stop to visit the Museum of Industrial Olive Oil-Production housed at the premises of the old community olive press. The development of the machinery is presented at the museum and mainly the changes caused by the introduction of mechanical motion in the olive oil production. The village is also known for the Feast of Tavros taking place at the picturesque chapel of Agios Charalampos, usually for four days at the end of July. Near Agia Paraskevi there are important archaeological sites such as the Archaic sanctuary of Apollo at Klopedi and the Sanctuary of Messon. The region of Napi, which is located between Agia Paraskevi and Mantamados, is also of archaeological interest.