East Limnos


The settlement of Plaka is located at the eastern end of the island with the homonymous cape. The sandy beach of Paliokastro is found next to the picturesque harbor of the settlement and further on you will reach the beach of Agios Stefanos. In the past a medieval fortress was located at that area from which very few parts are saved. The settlement of Panagia is located at a close distance. There you can visit the chapel of Agios Charalambos with a view to Samothrace and Imvros. There is a water spring considered to have healing properties.  



Kontopouli is a beautiful settlement with stone houses and a lively square where you can enjoy your drink or meal. Kalliopi is a neighboring settlement. It is worth visiting it on 23rd April when the custom of horse riding takes place to honour Agios Georgios. Keros is the haven of the village, well-known destination for the lovers of wind-surfing. At a close distance you will find two lakes of great ecological importance, Alyki and Chortarolimni included in the ΝΑΤURA 2000 network, as well as the archaeological sites of Hephaistia and Sanctuary of Kabeiroi.



The small picturesque village of Roussopouli is located at the slope of a small hill near Chortarolimni and unlike most of the settlements on the islands it is quite verdant. Nearby and close to the archaeological site of Poliochni you will find a village called Kaminia. Carved Pelasgian tombs and a famous tomb stone, the Stele of Kaminia have been spotted there, indicating the settlement’s great archaeological importance. The Stele of Kaminia represents a man’s head in profile with spear and shield, framed with two inscriptions in Greek alphabet, which have not yet been clearly interpreted. The square of the village is ideal for relaxation. You can sit there and enjoy tasty dishes with a glass of local wine.



If you keep going south, you will meet a small settlement called Fysini. Nearby there is the small church of Agios Sozon, patron of the island while on the north you will find the small village called Skandali, known for the exceptional quality of local honey. The sandy beach of Louri is situated close by, where remains of an ancient settlement are found, probably the oldest on the Aegean.