West Lesvos


Sigri is located at the west part of the island which has a distinctive volcanic landscape. It is a natural harbor protected by two islets found just opposite to it, Magalonisi or Nissiopi and Sedousa. Sigri is a picturesque settlement ideal for those who seek calm vacations. Enjoy the sea at the nearby beaches such as the one near the settlement, the beach of Faneromeni or of Kochylopotamos and taste fresh fish at the fish tavernas of the village. If you are a surfer, you will definitely find an ideal spot to enjoy kite or wind surfing at the numerous coves of the region. The Petrified Forest is of great interest, covering a big area where you can see plant fossils among the volcanic rocks. It has been characterized as a Natural Monument and is included in UNESCO’s Global Geopark Network. Do not miss to also visit the Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest. At the settlement you will also find the castle of Sigri built in the mid-18th c., a typical sample of Ottoman architecture, while just before arriving at the village, at the top of mount Odyrmnos, stop at the Monastery of Ypsilos and enjoy the wonderful view.



Eresos is found at an area which combines lush vegetation and a volcanic landscape. The picturesque settlement as well as its haven Skala of Eresos attract many tourists every summer. It is connected with the name of the lyric poetess Sappho who was born there, and is a well-known destination for lesbian women from all over the world, especially in September when the International Women’s Festival takes place. Skala of Eresos is ideal for those who want to enjoy relaxed moments either with their family or with friends. Admire the exquisite sunset drinking a cocktail or a coffee at the bars on the platform next to the sea. Dive into the crystal clear waters of the wonderful beach with the grey sand and taste fish dishes at the tavernas of the village. The landscape of the nearby region will inspire the lovers of nature to stroll around and explore it. Wander in the flatland, visit the nearby waterfall of Krinelos or the Monastery of Pythari where you can enjoy the idyllic landscape and the wonderful view to the artificial lake. 



Between Eresos and Agra you will find the beautiful village of Mesotopos. Stroll around its stone-paved alleys, sit at the village’s square and enjoy your coffee under the shade of the plane trees or visit the haven of the village, Tavari, for a swim and delicious local dishes at its many coastal tavernas. Here you will find many rooms to let, ideal for those who seek relaxed or family vacations. If you want more isolated beaches just pass Tavari and move to the left to the sandy and pebbled beach of Podaras or to the right to the golden sandy beach of Chroussos. Leaving from the village do not miss to visit the women’s cooperation of Mesotopos and taste home-made sweets, pasta and liqueurs.   



The village of Antissa is built at a slope at the northwest of the island close to Sigri and Eresos. It is a picturesque settlement with a wonderful shady square where you can enjoy a coffee or a drink. The village’s haven is Gavathas, a big sandy beach with shallow waters suitable for families, and nice fishing spots. If you get hungry you can enjoy fresh fish and delicious dishes at the tavernas next to the sea. The nearby beaches of Kampos and Archaia Antissa are less crowded. In the latter you can also find remains of the ancient settlement of Antissa. The mountain settlement of Liota is found at a short distance, where you can visit the church of Panagia built in 16th c. and rest under the centenarian plane tree and the running waters. Just before Antissa at the bank of the river Voulgaris you will find the Monastery of Perivoli, with interesting murals such as that of Thalassa-Panagia (Sea-Virgin) where the Virgin Mary is the personification of the sea, bringing up to the surface boats and drowned men.



Near Antissa you will find the mountain villages, Vatoussa, Pterounta and Hidira. These villages are built at the crater of an old volcano, the form of which through time has been altered so it is not discernible now. In Vatoussa you will be impressed by the architecture of this traditional settlement, the stone built houses and the stone paved alleys. Pterounta is also a picturesque settlement with the typical reddish ochre of the stones of its buildings. Hidira is the birth place of the famous painter Georgios Jakovides. Enjoy your coffee at the square of the village just opposite to the “Georgios Jakovides” Digital Museum. Then visit the museum which is the first fully digital art museum in Greece, where you will learn about the work of the famous painter. It is worth mentioning that in that region, there has been an effort to revive the culture of ancient Lesvos grape variety which produces exceptional wine.