Wind & Kite Surfing

Lesvos coasts are ideal for sea sports. If you love to surf, you will definitely find a suitable beach to practice your favourite sport, especially in August with the meltemia (etesian northern winds). The two Gulfs of the island, of Gera and Kalloni, with their sandy seabed provide safety when falling, while strong winds do not cause the huge waves of open sea. Another ideal region for this sport is Sigri where in the north end of its bay, international races take place. In the region there are amazing spots for surfing, such as the homonymous beach of Sigri, Faneromeni 3 km away and Limena, 1.5 km away.

In many beaches of the island, such as those close to Mytilini, in Vatera, in Eresos, in Sigri, in Petra and Molyvos the lovers of wind and kite surfing can find organised centres for water sports. Experienced trainers give lessons to beginners, while the advanced surfers can rent a surf board and enjoy their sport.