Thermal Springs

Lesvos due to its intense volcanic activity, has many thermal springs with different chemical composition and temperature. Some remain untouched, in their natural condition, and others have been developed into thermal spas which you can visit all year long to enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic bath.

Close to Mytilini, at a distance of about 9 km, in the Gulf of Gera you will find Therma. The water temperature is 39.5o C. It has two different pools (for men and women) where the water flows with force from marble spouts, giving the opportunity for natural hydro massage. The sea is right next to the spring, so after your thermal bath, you can have a refreshing swim in the Gulf’s waters. In the premises you can also have a massage session or drink a refreshment at the café.

Tel.: +30 22510 41503

At a distance of 12 km from Mytilini, there is the healing spring of Loutropoli Thermis. The water temperature is 46.5ο C. It has 11 private pools. The thermal springs, in combination with the exceptional natural environment, the windless location, the lack of humidity and the tourism infrastructure, make this place unique. At present it is not open to public.

Tel.: +30 22510 71242, 71277

In the north of the island, at the summer resort settlement of Eftalou, 4 km northeast from Molyvos, you will also find thermal springs. The water temperature is between 43.6-46.5ο C. It has a common pool and 7 private pools. It is next to the sea, so after your thermal bath you can continue with a refreshing swim in the sea or even with a relaxing massage.

Tel.: +30 22530 71245, 71323

At the exit of Polichnitos heading to Vatera, you will meet the thermal springs of Polichnitos. The water comes out from many spots on the volcanic rocks. The temperature is between 67-92ο C (the water temperature in the pools are between 40-41.5ο C) and these springs are considered among the hottest in Europe. There are two common pools, two private pools and two rooms for relaxation. In the premises you can get a massage session, have a drink or buy traditional products.

Tel.: +30 22520 41229, 42768, 41223

In the same region of Polichnitos the thermal springs of Lisvori or of Ai Giannis Lisvoriou, are also found, just 3 km far from the homonymous village. They are among the hottest springs in Europe with a water temperature of 69ο C. There are two pools, one of which built in the 16th century.

Τel.: +30 22520 41229, 42768, 41223

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