Architecture in Limnos

Majestic mansions found mainly in the capital Myrina, rural residences, windmills, stockyards, churches and country chapels indicate the architectural wealth of Limnos.

In Myrina along the coast of Romeikos Yalos, you will find the impressive houses of the Limnian aristocracy, all built in the second half of 19th century. They depict the economic prosperity of their owners and the special aesthetics they developed living in the cosmopolitan centres of that time: Alexandrea, Odessa, Trieste. The Archaeological Museum is included among these buildings, where finds from the excavations in Poliochni, Hephaistia and Kabeirion are exhibited. In Romeikos Yalos you will also find the Metropolitan Mansion, former residence of Antonis Antoniadis, wealthy man born in Egypt. Today it houses the Ecclesiastical Museum of the island.

In the settlements of Limnos, such as in Kondias, Varos, Romanos you will meet traditional stone built residences typical for their simplicity which indicate the mastery of their craftsmen since they are absolutely harmonized with the natural environment. The windmills are also impressive, suggesting the past engagement of the locals to the cultivation and grind of grains, abundant on the island the times past. Today some of those windmills operate as guest houses.

The rural architecture is also very important with the traditional drinking fountains as well as the numerous stockyards made of stone offering shelter to the livestock of Kehagiades –stockbreeders– or even to themselves or their harvest.