West Limnos


Myrina, the capital of Limnos is located on the west part of the island. Its imposing castle is one of the best preserved of Greece. When you visit it and walk around do not be surprised if you meet one of the deer living there! The rock on which the castle is built separates the coast of Myrina in two beaches (yalos): Romeikos Yalos (Greek) and Tourkikos Yalos (Turkish). Visit them for a refreshing swim and enjoy delightful cocktails at the seaside bars. In the evening especially the area of Romeikos Yalos is very vibrant since it is the meeting point for night life and entertainment at the bars, the cafés and the restaurants of the area. Alongside, the impressive domiciles of Limnian aristocracy prevail, built on the second half of 19th c. such as the building of the Archaeological Museum with finds from the excavations in Poliochni, Hephaistia and Kabeirion. The passenger port of the island is also found in Myrina and if you chose to stay at the capital city there is a great variety of accommodation for everyone.



The village of Platy is found 3 km southeast form Myrina and lately it has been developed as a suburb. Sit at its beautiful square and enjoy a coffee, a drink or local delicacies. Do not miss to visit the beach of the village for a refreshing swim. The beach of Platy is one of the most frequented beach on Limnos.



Thanos is one of the biggest villages of the island and situated on the south of Platy. It is built at the foot of Kakkavos hill where it is worth visiting the beautiful chapel of Panagia Kakkaviotisa climbed on its top and protected in a rock. The view will definitely compensate you for the effort. The beach of Thanos is one of the most frequented beaches. It is organized and you can do sea sports or just relax at a beach bar near the sea.



Kaspakas is located on the north of Myrina. It is one of the oldest and most beautiful villages of the island. It is located in the heart of a valley and reminds of a mountain settlement. Sit at one of its coffee shops for a drink or refreshment and taste the delicious sweets prepared in the village. Its haven is Agios Ioannis where you can swim and then taste traditional dishes at the tavernas next to the sea. You can finish your day there by enjoying one of the most beautiful sunsets. The nearby beach of Karvounolakkos is ideal for more isolated swim.



On the northeast of Myrina you will find the traditional village of Kornos, built on a hillside. Here you will admire the beautiful mansions and its stone drinking fountains at the entrance of the village and at its square. There are tavernas and coffee shops where you can enjoy a drink or a snack. About one kilometer away you will find the hot springs of Therma.



The traditional village of Sardes is located on the northeast of Kornos. Walk in the settlement and visit the church of Agios Dimitrios with the two impressive bell towers. If you get hungry, in this village you will have the chance to taste traditional dishes such as rooster with special pasta called flomaria. Agios Dimitrios is located on the southeast of Kornos. This village has a long tradition in viticulture and is the birthplace of many local musicians. In autumn many feasts are organized to celebrate the distillation of ouzo or tsipouro, called lakaria.