Traditional Dishes

Complex or simple recipes, but always with pure traditional materials offer you special tastes of great flavour: giouzlemedes (fried cheese pies with spearmint) zucchini flowers stuffed with rice or cheese, giaprakakia (stuffed vine leaves with rice), sougania (onion stuffed with minced meat), sfougato (grated zucchini, feta cheese and eggs baked in the oven), salted sardines of Kalloni, stuffed calamari, selinato (pork with celery). If you have the opportunity, also try “kiskek”, local beef and wheat boiled for hours in big pots, served mainly in feasts and celebrations. As for those who love mushroom picking, Lesvos has to offer many surprises, as in autumn wild mushrooms grow in the pine forests such as oyster mushrooms and bloody milk caps which are the finest side dish for ouzo.

As for the sweet temptations which are necessary to complete your delicious journey, do not miss to try traditional spoon sweets such as tomato, quince, olive, chestnut, water melon, apple, pumpkin and fig, sweets baked in the oven with syrup, such as platzenta (thin pastry crust with walnuts) and baklava as well as the traditional flavorous almond sweets called gemata.

Many women’s co-operations are active on Lesvos, preparing a great variety of delicious products using traditional home recipes. Apart from the home made pastry such as trifto (type of traditional pasta) and hahles (trahanas shaped in “cups”), it is worth tasting their confectionery, exceptional liqueurs in many flavours such as sour cherry, spearmint, pomegranate, strawberry and the amazing home-made sauces by organic tomatoes and the purest materials to give flavor and aromas in your dishes.