Customs & Feasts in Limnos

In Limnos there are many feasts celebrating the saints of the Orthodox church such as the feast of Panagia (Virgin Mary) in many regions of the island on 15th August, the feast of Panagia Kakkaviotissa celebrated on Tuesday after Easter, the feast of Agios Sozon, the island’s patron on 6th September, in the eve of its celebration in the region of Skandali and the feast of Agios Panteleimonas (region of Androni in Myrina) in the eve of its celebration on 26th July. The most famous of all however is the feast of Agios Georgios on 23 April in Kalliopi where crowds of people gather together to celebrate. Every year since the Turkish dominion in the day of Agios Georgios’ celebration, horse racing takes place and the tree best riders with their horses receive a prize at the courtyard of the Holly Temple of Agios Georgios in Kalliopi. The riders have a red scarf around their neck as an honor to the saint. The event closes with a traditional feast with food and dance. A custom also met in other areas of Greece with different name is kakanoures. On 21st June, the celebration day of Agios Ioannis, the villagers light fires in the neighborhoods with dry weeds and the flower wreaths form 1st May and jump above them three times. Moreover, during the day of Epiphany, the men in the villages revive the custom of Mpatatsoudes. They wear sheepskins and sheep bells and try to get rid of the evil spirits.

Moreover, during summer, many feasts take place on the island such as wine feast, honey feast, sardine feast, farmer’s feast.