Wetlands in Limnos

If you are a lover of nature, on Limnos you can visit the three wetlands of unique beauty: Alyki, Chortarolimni and Asprolimni at the northeast of the island. They cover an area of 1.8 hectares and have been integrated as Zones of Special Protection to the NATURA 2000 Network. You have access to the lakes by a dirt road through the closest asphalt provincial road connecting the settlements of Roussopouli, Romano, Kalliopi and Kontopouli with Moudros.

Alyki is covered by sea water during the greatest part of the year contrary to Chortarolimni which, the most part of the year, lacks water. These two wetlands are at an exceptional natural condition. Especially Alyki is perhaps the only saline lake of such an extent in Greece with no human interventions. In general, low vegetation prevails at the region, including bulrushes, heather, brushwood with rock roses and thorny burnets. At the broader region, you will meet isolated clusters of olive trees, chaste trees, jujubes, fig trees and oak trees.

The geographic location of the region is of great importance for many migratory birds using it as a transit resting stop. Here you will discover more than 250 species of rare or endangered birds, protected by international conventions and Greek legislation, such as flamingoes, lesser kestrels and partridges.